Meet The Team

Meet the Changepoint Property Management Team. We strive to make your association work as smooth and worry-free as possible. Combining experience from key industries to make the most impact in your community.

Russell Teamer

Russell has been in the landscape/construction industry for 22 years. He has worked side by side with many Boards, served on two Boards, even as a Board President, and worked for another local management company as a Property Manager of six properties. Collectively he has firsthand experience from every angle of the industry. Russell truly enjoys being hands on in day-to-day operations and finding solutions to situations that arise. Russell’s ultimate goal is to work alongside the Board and help with all decisions that can impact the community while creating unity among all.

Valerie Fairhurst

Valerie has worked in property management for 18 years in every position from filing to clerical to financials and managing properties in the absence of a property manager. She worked her way up from an office assistant to bookkeeper then to office manager and was solely responsible for all bookkeeping within the company. Valerie is always looking for new ways to improve the industry and close the gaps where other companies may fall short.

The Changepoint Property Management Team of Russell and Valerie is highly energetic and professional. Russell and Valerie have strong work ethics, humble personalities as they are ambitious and goal-driven in nature as well as a focused and proactive providing many services.

Changepoint Property Management Team